Bellevue Farm

Cityfarming in your neighbourhood. How to use public space and organize citizen participation. A citizengarden with a vision of a meetingplace for humans, plants and pollinators.


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Karl and Kerstin are preparing the cultivation beds. Joe is watering, Caterina and Hanna are making a compost. Eva and Bea are planting asparagus meanwhile Marie and Filippa are watering the seedlings of carrots and beetroots. Karen, Ellen and Stephanie are planting edible perennials. Therese and Ester rakes. Natacha is planting. Greta sow the green manure. Lotta is digging. Eva and Sigrid are planting bushes with tasteful berries. Staffan is digging. Hannas boyfriend preparing the meadow, and the sprinklers goes on.... to be continued...

bellevue farm in may 2016

sketch for bellevue farm