Under Control by Malin Lobell

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Can plants become political? A set of seed bags contain both instructions for flower graffiti, and brings to attention gene modified plants that expose land mines. For her solo show at Gallery Box, Malin Lobell exhibits methods for different green interventions in public space. Through her work Flytta skog, Tagging with liquid manure, I have a plan(t), Take a walk with the park, she exhorts the gallery audience to become active in the city sphere. By inviting the viewer to participate and execute a series of actions she creates a dialog concerning art, public space and the role plants play in our environment. Central for Lobell´s poetic, conceptual and critical approach is the participatory perspective, human´s relation to nature and the importance of plants.

The title of the exhibition Under Control by Malin Lobell, refers to what we cannot control; invasive plants that hog and become inconvenient as well as addressing what kind of plants that are allowed to grow where in the city sphere and in gardens, which is also highlighted in her work They have a name and the series Edible weeds.

Translation: Josefina Posch Gallery Box, May 2013

UnderControl and Edible weeds

take a walk with the park

Take a walk with the park