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Lives and works in Stockholm and Kåseberga, Sweden


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Valand,The Academy of Fine Art , Gothenburg
Exchangeprogram to The Art Academy of Fine Art in Trondheim and Royal College of Art Design, Stockholm, between 1993-95. Exchange student to BIDAI, Kanasaza College of Art Japanfall of 1996.

Education in gardening and design at Mälardalens Trädgårdsmästarutbildning, Enköping

Webdesign at Södertörn University

Typhography and fontdesign at Södertörn University

Agile project management, Beckmans college of Design in collaboration with Karlstad University.




Co-founder and board-member of ArtAgent, an organisation with focus on participatory and situation-specific artpractise.

To share a garden A green artproject in Alby, Botkyrka kommun. Invited by Agnes Fischer and Boodla (fd Jordnära).

Gatukonstens rum. Gocart gallery during the political week in Almedalen, Visby. (Group exhibition about Streetart. )
Kan växter bli politiska?  a talk and lecture about the political role of plants. together with Ulrika Flodin- Furås, journalist and writer.  Gocart Gallery,Visby during the political week in Almedalen.

I have a plan(t) Supermarket, Stockholm. Invited by IDi Gallery and Annelie Wallin.

Picture editor in the Anthology about the SKISSproject art, workingplaces and research. Title: SKISS:konst :arbetsliv:forskning

Project developer SKISS. Konstfrämjandet (part-time employment)

Without payment - The value of art Almedalen, Gotland, Konstfrämjandet. With Anna Högberg, Johan Tiren . A public debate moderated by the artists. In the panel; cultural politicians and researcher from The SKISS research team.

Gardendesign for Housing associations in Hammarby Sjöstad and Uppsala.

Graphicdesign /illustrations and logotype for Vuxenskolan and the project Bubbla.

Strävor a project about knowledge and aestethics learning in school environment. A process together with artist Camilla Carlsson and the pedagoue colleges at a school in Nynäshamn. Fredrik Lindstrand, researcher in didactic and pedagogy from Stockholm university followed the process. (Artproject in the context of collaboration and process)

Project developer SKISS. Konstfrämjandet (part-time employment)

Time, space and portraits- How to gain approval for art and artprocess at working places in Västerbotten, north of Sweden. Five working places participated in the study. Together with artist Camilla Carlsson ( Artproject in the context of collaboration and process)

How to try to make sense about artistic/aesthetic practise in learning processes with experience from the Skiss-project. Designs for learning- internationel conference, Stockholm university. (Artproject in the context of collaboration and process)

A walk with the park Östergötlands Länsmuseum, Linköping, Sweden  ( Re:tur group exibition)


Privatchefen investigated the boundaries between the professional and private role. About identity and group dynamics together with a group of women branchheads in Haninge municipality,outside Stockholm. Together with
artist Anna Högberg. (Artproject in the context of collaboration and process)

Trädgårdsparken Trekanten In city centre of Nynäshamn was an unused space. Abonded, but “gardenlike”. Could the space be a green meetingplace for people working around it? Could the space join different local authorities in the
municipal? With artistic communication tools we started a dialogue and change of the place. Together with Camilla Carlsson. (Artproject in the context of collaboration and process)

I´have a plan´t Gallery Wuthering Heights, Malmo, Sweden(solo exhibition)

I´have a plan´t  Seljords sommarutstillning, Seljord, Norge (group exhibition)

Graphic design and logotype for the project Socialt företagande, Nutek

Jag står bredvid dig som ett träd/ I stand beside you, as a tree. Action/performance with Liv Strand, on various sites in Stockholm and a participation on Swinging by neighbours,Poetry &filmfestival, Stockholm

I have a plan(t) says Flora, different places around Stockholm, Sweden

I have a plan(t) says Flora and Don’t be afraid  Ulriksdals Värdshus, Stockholm, Sweden ( Väsen group exhibitionn )

as long as there is light… Museum of Architecture, Stockholm,Sweden (How long do you intend to stay? group exhibition )

Men hur bred kan den bli? Västerås KonstMuseum

If you show me yours, I´ll show you mine Sundsvalls Museum, Passagen , Linköping and Tomelilla Konsthall, Sweden

Publikation32 at

Invited to a competition about resting places organised by the Swedish National Road Administration together with A1 arkitekter

Family life Botkyrka Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden(group exhibition)  

Aktion:koloni, exhibition in a Schrebergarten in  Malmö, Sweden ( group exhibition)

Europe in the box on tour to Plovdiv-Prag- Santiago de Compostela -Helsinki

Room with a view- part1-3, collaboration with Swedish travelling exhibition and supported by Swedish art council. ARKEN The Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark, Edsvik Konst och Kultur, Sollentuna, galleri m. balkong and Kunstnerernas Hus, Oslo, Norway, Rix galleriet, Linköping, Sweden

Europe in the box ACC gallery, Weimar, Germany,“Europe in the box” on tour to Plovdiv-Prag, Santiago de Compostela -Helsinki

Do I know you from somewhere?  Mors Mössa Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden (solo)

Stuff it Ynglingag 1, Stockholm, Sweden (group exhibition)

INDEXedition, Galleri Index, Stockholm(multipleshow)

Overhear, [a:t] internet project.

Coffee with Godot? happening/situation at Ynglingag.1 Stockholm, Sweden

ALTernativ Uppsala Konstmuseum, Sweden (groupexhibition)

Artists roomservice City Hotellet, Gothenburg, Sweden 

Struts shop 96 galleri Struts, Oslo, Norway

The Frog King Galleri Rotor, Gothenburg , Sweden (solo)

Östgöta leken Norrköpings Konstmuseum, Sweden

the video The Frog Prince was shown on Swedish Television ( SvTV2)

People get so close HALLEN, Sjömansg. 3 Gothenburg, Sweden

Lady into Fox Galleri Enkehuset/ Norrtullssjukhus,Stockholm, Sweden

Represented at Interplace Access, Milano, Italy, with THE TELEPHONEGALLERYand THE HALL

THE TELEPHONEGALLERIE´S physical room was an answeringmachine where exhibitions took place.13  artists and critics were invited to make their contribution on a two minutes soundtape

The HALL Sjömansg.3 Gothenburg was runned as a gallery in the appartment shared together with Maria Bjurestam. Nordic artists exhibiting in the space.