I have a plan(t)

The project I have a plan(t) is dealing with questions about hierarchy in aestethics, ethic values and control.

Contact: info@malinlobell.se

Articles and reviews:

Recension 17/2 2012
Kulturhusbesökarna. Grönt samtal om det fjärde stadsrummet


Blogpost in gatsmart.eu 17/2 2012


Artikel 16/4 2012
Tidningen Arbetet


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I have a plan(t)- seedpackets 2012 More info >>>


They have a name They have a name They have a name They have a name


They have a name Even the weed has a name and a history. With plantlabels small, often neglected, plants growing in gaps between the pavement was focused. With name and plantdescriptions the plants was re-valuated. A cityflora. The work intention was to activate and value whats self-growing in public spaces in the city. Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden 2006.


Who is afraid of Flora-red colors in redyellow Who is afraid of Flora-yellow


Who is afraid of Flora- red, blue and yellow. 2005 . A fictiv character named Flora was used to act and intervene in the cityscape using "flowergraffiti". About garden aestethetic and grafitti.




Supermarket, Kulturhuset 212. Together with artist Annelie Wallin. Invited byIDi;gallery.