Participation in WANT (Workshop around Art Nature Technology) where art, science and philosophy met and work around issues of "Plant behavior" with the support of Prof. Stefano Mancuso's research. A paradigm shift for interaction between organisms. The program contained lectures, field studies, and artistic work to be presented in the Gallery and in the Garden of Daniel Spoerri.

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"From October 10th to 16th the "Giardino di Daniel Spoerri" in Tuscany (Seggiano, province of Grosseto)will become a venue for workshops dealing with a most interesting subject: "WANT 2016Workshop on art, nature and technology". For quite some time arts, sciences, architecture and philosophy are taking an
interest in the boundary points of urban area and nature, polis and physics.Those points of contact shall be explored in a not exclusively anthropocentric way. Mankind and nature shall be examined as a whole. Nature is being regarded as a model and paradigm for orientation and a source of inspiration for a collective
interaction of man and nature. The workshop(s) will concentrate on the analysis of creative processes and artistic production, focussing on biological and "natural" activities that can be observed in the direct surroundings.The spacious park
where art and nature are in close relationship to one another is an ideal site to establish for one week a research centre and meeting place"

The WANT 2016 Workshop was a cooperation betweenFondazione "Hic terminus haeret - Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri"ONLUS,Seggiano and LINV - International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology, Florence.




1. Daniel Spoerri and works from his garden

2. Stefano Mancuso, LINV, Lecturing about plant intelligence

3. WANT2016 participants and Hanna Arendt Last supper Part of Daniel Spoerris "Duodecim ultimae cenae de claris mulieribus", 2008
Wall with 12 last suppers of famous women

Participators and lectures during the week; Stefano Mancuso, Paco Calvo, Barbara Räderscheidt, Nora Schöpfer, Antonio Giradi

During the week a dinner was made out from an edible map of the garden. A work in progress. And a performance was made.

EAT il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri Presents
ACT 1: The Autumn Aperitivo

Malin Lobell, Susanne Miggitsch and Stefanie Post in collaboration with FondazioneHic terminus haeret - Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri; Barbara Räderscheidt , Susanne Neumann and Kati Krusche.

EAT Il Giardino

EAT il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri


And a re-enactment of an old piece; Largo, from 2000* was taking place in the garden.

Re-enactment of Largo and Using plant methods for passing messages.
Place: Outside in Il Giardino di Daniel Spoerri
Actors: Participants from the WANT2016 workshop

Malin Lobell and Stefanie Post

Reenactment of Largo

Photo performance: Susanne Neumann and Barbara Räderscheidt

* Largo 2000 with artist Anne Pira, Aktion:Koloni 2000 Sibbarp, Malmö.

Largo 2000

Photo: Vegar Moen